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"Independent businesses losing £12bn a year because they refuse to accept card payments"[ref]

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Whether you are new to accepting cards or a business looking to switch card processing providers, we make the entire quote, sign-up and card machine terminal installation process both swift and simple to understand. We’ve got decades of card processing expertise, meaning you can spend more time on business essentials and never have to worry about how to process payments ever again.

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Best Rates & Capped

By applying on-line there’s no joining fee. What’s more, the cost of your credit card machine(s) will remain fixed for the duration of the contract & we won’t voluntarily increase your card processing rates. Should price increases be forced upon us, by the card schemes or our Acquirer, we will simply pass on the mandatory increases, but not use it as an excuse to increase our margins.

UK’s Shortest Contract

You get access to our 12 Month Rolling Membership contract when applying on-line. Our membership contract rolls annually, so there’s no lengthy fixed term either! You’re not tied into a length leasing agreement, as we supply the equipment under our own contract. A separate agreement applies for the Merchant Account.

short contract

Super Fast Sign-up

Our super fast sign-up process allows UK Businesses to apply for a Countertop, Portable or GPRS (mobile) Card Machine & Merchant Account facility, online, in minutes. And we don’t stop there! Our expert UK based card processing technicians are on-hand to provide you with industry leading card machine terminal support and in the unlikely event you have a problem and our engineers can’t fix, we offer a free next day terminal replacement service.

Boost Revenue & Sales

By giving your customer the ability to pay by either credit or debit card, you dramatically improve your chances in closing a sale, versus competing businesses that only allow for cash, cheque and bank transfer payment options.

Furthermore, the average person on the street only has £20 in cash on them at any one time. That means, if your potential customer has been out shopping for the day, that £20 cash could of easily been spent prior to entering your premises – now the only option for them is card payment, but are you accepting their business?

Sales Boost with Card Machine


Counter-top Card Machine – £15pcm

Ideal for the retail environment, our counter-top chip & pin card machine terminals allow you to take card payments from a fixed location, thus, any industry that wishes to process cards from a fixed point of sale counter would benefit most from one of our counter-top terminals, which are also the cheapest offerings at just £15 per month, which is the equivalent to less than 50p per day.

Portable Card Machines – £20pcm

Our portable card machines are ideal for businesses that work from a central location, but wish to have a certain amount of mobility when it comes to processing a card payment, such as offering a ‘pay at the table’ option. Typically, you’ll be able to take a card payment up to approximately 100m away from the central payment HUB.



Mobile (GPRS) Card Machine – £25pcm

The GPRS mobile version of our card machine is a ‘go everywhere’ card payment solution. All that’s required from the machine is to be in an area where a phone signal can be found (99.99% of the UK) which means that you can take a card payment from literally anywhere. The GPRS terminal is idea for businesses on the move, that need flexibility of being able to take payments while on the road. All at a cost of less than 82p per day.

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Latest News & Business Insights

Card Processing for Cosmetic Stores

May 15th, 2014

It’s almost unheard of, these days, for businesses not to have card machines installed. Especially at a cosmetics store. Consumers of cosmetics are young, and are more likely to carry a card rather than cash, so to hit your business demographic you need to install a card machine. Times are changing fast and cash buyers are becoming a distant memory. Don’t let your business become a distant memory, too.

Introducing a card machine to your business with Card Processing couldn’t be simpler. You won’t have to deal with pushy salesmen, all you have to do is answer a few short questions online; and you’ll receive a free quote. It takes seconds.

Card machines aren’t expensive or hard to use, especially with Card Processing. Like most card machine companies we offer three types of machines; counter-top, portable and fully mobile. The difference with Card Processing is the price. Portable machines allow for flexibility within the work place, where you can bring the card machine directly to your customer and take a payment at their convenience. A fully mobile card machine gives you the freedom to take payments on the go, and with Card Processing they come with fantastic signal. A cosmetic store will benefit from a counter-top machine; one that will simply sit neatly next to your cash register taking up minimal space.

We offer the cheapest deals in the business; at Card Processing, a counter-top card machine is available for just 50p a day. Choose Card Processing and your set-up is free, so you won’t discover any nasty hidden charges. Unlike our competitors, you won’t be tied into lengthy contracts. We offer short 12 month contracts, perfect for first timers.

Having a card machine will allow you to up-sell each transaction you make. Till offers and opportunist buys will increase when customers are given the choice to pay by plastic, because they aren’t restricted to just the change in their pocket.

Don’t be intimidated by card machines; they’re quick and simple to use. All you need to do with a counter-top is plug it in. We’ll insure the machine, too, so if anything should go wrong, we’ll send a replacement straight away… Well, what are you waiting for?

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