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Card Machines for Small Businesses

Get your card machine ordered in a flash! No matter what business you are in, we’ve got the perfect terminal for you. We specialise in providing card machines for small businesses, at a cost lower than the UK banks. It’s really simple to get set up. Simply pick from our range of credit card machines below and call us for a quote! We can have you set-up and taking card payments in just a few days.

Card Machine

Countertop Card Machines

Our countertop card machine is the perfect solution for taking payments in a fixed location. Either next to your till or sales desk. Our Ingenico countertop is perfect for retailers, and is one of the most popular choices in the UK today. Simple to use, this is the terminal to choose if you take payments in a fixed position each day. Fast and easy.

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Portable Card Machines

The perfect solution for bars, restaurants and cafes where table service is required. Our portable card machines fit in the palm of your hand and also allows payments to be taken almost anywhere in your premises with a wireless Bluetooth range of up to 100m. Lightweight and easy to use. The perfect Pay-at-the-table solution.

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Portable Card Machines
Mobile Card Machines

Mobile Card Machines

Take payments anywhere in UK with phone coverage. Our mobile card machine is the terminal of choice for tradesmen, delivery services and taxi drivers, all of our Ingenico mobile card machines come with a roaming SIM Card which means your terminal will always select the strongest network coverage from the UKs phone carriers. The terminal fits into the palm of your hand and is packed with an extra long battery life.

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Contactless Card Machines

Our range of contactless card machines are perfect for cutting transaction times. With a contactless card machine, payments of £20 or below don’t require the cardholder to enter a pin number to verify payment, greatly improving transaction speed. We offer a wide range of contactless payment options to suit your needs.

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Verifone VX 520

Why choose us as your card machine provider?

Lowest Rates

When you join CardProcessing.co.uk, your membership fee remains the same for the duration of the agreement. There are other elements outside of our control, such as industry wide changes to card processing rates and pricing structures. Should there be pricing changes within this industry by either our banking partner or card schemes, then no matter who tells you otherwise, we have to pass on those changes. We will not use any such changes as an an excuse to increase our margins. We will always offer you our best pricing and if another competitor demonstrates a saving against our own pricing, we will work very hard to beat it or match it, so you don’t loose out.

Superfast set-up

We know that when your looking to take card payments for the first time, speed of set up is important. Speed to market is damn important no matter what you consider. No one wants to be turning away sales, turning down money, just because you don’t have the facility to accept card payments. We understand all of this as well as you do. That’s why we make sure our set-up process is as simple and as fast as it can be. Our Account Managers set up new accounts day after day, we are well rehearsed and have helped thousands of small businesses just like yours across the UK cut costs.

Great Customer Support

Whether it’s a question regarding your account, a change of address, or a query regarding your equipment, we know the importance of getting your questions answered first time round. We won’t keep your call waiting or transfer you to some international call center, we handle all of this in the UK. Your card machine is supported by the manufacturer Ingenico by their highly skilled technicians. They can solve the majority of terminal issues remotely, and in the event there is a fault on the card machine they can’t fix, they will replace the terminal the next working day, free of charge. Cover, for the duration of your agreement.

Membership Benefits

We know your busy, and keeping a keen eye on business costs is time consuming and sometimes not the top of your priority list. That’s why when you join CardProcessing.co.uk, you receive access to our Membership benefits scheme. We’ve negotiated savings on a range of business services, provided by our business partners. Our mix of free usage and preferential rates extend to some of the most necessary business services, such as Human Resources, Business Insurance, Terminal Stationary, Free Legal Helpline, business banking and much more. A refreshing proposition in todays marketplace.



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