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Low cost card machines for UK businesses

Fast and affordable card payment machines.


If you’re looking to compare card machines, look no further. No matter what business you are in, we’ve got the perfect terminal for you. We specialise in providing credit card machines for small businesses, along with low cost card processing. It’s really simple to get set up. Simply pick from our range of credit payment solutions below and call us for a quote! We can have you set-up and taking card payments in just a few days.

countertop card machine

Countertop Card Machines

Our countertop card machine is the perfect card payment machine for a fixed location, next to your till or sales desk. Our Ingenico countertop is perfect for retailers, and is one of the most popular choices in the UK today. Simple to use, this countertop credit card machine is perfect if you take payments in a fixed position each day. Fast and easy.

portable card machine

Portable Card Machines

A wireless credit card machine perfect for bars, restaurants and cafes where table service is required. Our portable card machines fit in the palm of your hand and also allows payments to be taken almost anywhere in your premises with a wireless Bluetooth range of up to 100m. Lightweight and easy to use, the portable credit card machine is the perfect Pay-at-the-table solution.

mobile card machine

Mobile Card Machines

Take payments anywhere in UK with phone coverage. Our mobile card machine is a handheld credit card machine for tradesmen, delivery services and taxi drivers, all of our Ingenico mobile credit card machines come with a roaming SIM Card which means your terminal will always select the strongest network coverage from the UKs phone carriers. The terminal fits into the palm of your hand and is packed with an extra long battery life.

contactless card machine

Contactless Card Machines

Our range of contactless card machines are perfect for cutting transaction times. With a contactless card machine, payments of £30 or below don’t require the cardholder to enter a pin number to verify payment, greatly improving transaction speed. We offer a wide range of contactless credit card machines to suit your needs.

wifi card machine

Wifi Card Machines

Accept card payments via a wifi connection with our brand new wifi credit card machines. This wireless card machine works in the same way as your other electronic devices, meaning you can use available wifi networks on your business premises and at trade shows. A UK first, the terminal comes with a touch screen and easy to use back-lit buttons.


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Just click the Get a Quote button and pop in your details. One of our team will call you back in minutes with a bespoke price plan.


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In as little as 3-5 days your credit card terminal will arrive. Simply plug-in your new machine and start taking card payments.

A better deal for small businesses

Fast set-up

Other credit card machine providers take on average 3-4 weeks to set you up. We can have you set up and taking card payments in under a week, typically within 5 working days.

40% Savings

Banks charge set-up fees and hefty monthlies. We cut out the middleman and work direct with the suppliers to save you up to 40% on credit card processing fees.

UK Technicians

Our customer service teams and technical helpdesk are UK based. That means no call waiting or transfers. Just good old fashioned service done properly.

Automated Till Rolls

Our till roll service monitors your card transaction frequency, so we know when to send you more credit card machine rolls. No ordering, no overstock and no running out.

24 Hour Swaps

If in the unlikely event your card terminal breaks down, or develops a fault our technicians can’t fix, we will replace it the very next day, so you can continue to accept cards.

Membership Benefits

Enjoy an exclusive range of business benefits, including free Tax & VAT investigation insurance, free legal helpline and discounted HR services. Designed to save your business money.

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Any Questions?

Everything you need to know is below.

Q: Don’t I have to get a card reader machine from my bank?

A: No. This is where most small business owners go wrong. You do not need to go to your bank for a cheap credit card machine or merchant account, regardless of what the bank manager tells you. We supply you with a debit card machine and merchant account that deposits funds into your normal bank account. You will need a business bank account unless you are a sole trader then you can also use a personal account.

Q: When will i receive my new pdq machine?

A: Delivery usually takes 3-5 working days. We post pdq machines by next day courier once your account is open. To get your new machine, simply contact us for a quote by clicking the blue Get a Quote button or call us on 0845 2000 435. We will email over a contract which you can accept with the click of a button.

Q: Do I get a Merchant Account also?

A: Yes. We work with Elavon Merchant Services, a world leader in payment processing. We’ve negotiated special rates and open a merchant account for you. Our equipment will only work with our merchant account & you will not be able to use another suppliers equipment with our merchant accounts. So don’t try and buy a credit card machine either as it won’t work.

Q: Do these machines accept contactless?

A: Yes, we offer both contactless and non-contactless terminals. Our contactless terminals come with a colour screen, whereas the non-contactless terminals are monochrome. As of 2016 all new deployed terminals will be contactless enabled by default.

Q: How much do credit card machines cost?

A: Some providers charge you a monthly fee between £10-20 a month, for a card machine rental agreement, to cover your card machine hire. Beware of deals for cheap card machines, as they usually come with additional hidden fees. As a member of you enjoy free access to membership benefits such as Tax & VAT investigation insurance, free legal helpline, discounted merchant services, and free equipment.

Q: How do I Switch credit card machine rental provider?

A: Your existing provider may be a third party or a well know high street bank. Either way, the process is the same. You can sign up to our services by clicking the Get a Quote button, or by calling us on 0845 2000 435. We demonstrate a decent saving, email you the contract, you sign electronically by clicking a button. Our machine arrives in 3-5 days. Un-plug your old machine, and send it back to the provider with a letter of termination.

Q: What types of card can I accept with your machines?

A: Our card terminals are manufactured by market leaders Ingenico and Verifone. They are fully accredited by the major card schemes like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners and JCB. If there’s any card type in particular you need, just call one of our experts on 0845 2000 435.

Q: What happens if my terminal breaks down one day?

A: No panic. All of our credit card payment machines come with extended warrant and next day swap policy at no extra cost. If your machine happens to develop a fault one day then simply call our UK based Technical Experts on 0845 2000 435. They can solve most technicalities over the phone, and if they can’t solve your issue they will replace the terminal within 24 hours.

Q: Can I install the chip and pin machine?

A: Yes. The chip and pin machine will arrive in a box with all its contents. Simply unbox, plug-in and the terminal will power on. On-screen, you will be prompted to follow a simple self-install process that lasts about 2 minutes. Thats it. If you need assistance, call the helpdesk on 0845 2000 345.

Q: Are these payment card machines secure?

A: Yes, we only supply secure payment systems. All machines are compliant to the latest PCI security standards, and will exceed validation for some time. PCI DSS are a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. It applies to all businesses that take card payments. We work with a third party company called Trustwave in order to get you enrolled for validation. The service renews annually and ensures your business handles card data securely.

Card payments are the preferred method of payment

Make sure your business accepts cards!

Increase Sales

People spend more when paying on card, through less emotional attachment and the ability to make purchases on credit.

Fast Checkout

Contactless allows transactions up to £30 (Sept 2015), meaning more opportunity for you to speed up checkout times.

Cashless Society

Only a third of people carry £20 cash on them whereas over 90% of the UK population carry a credit or debit card.

Fewer bank visits

There’s no need to visit the bank to pay in cheques or cash. Funds are automatically deposited in days.

Instant authorisation

You get instant authorisation of the sale with funds in bank within 2-3 days. No more hoping cheques don’t bounce.

Less cash handling

Reduce the amount of cash in the till, by taking card payments. Greater security for your business and staff.