Card Machines

Also known as an EPoS Terminal or ‘chip & pin’, our card machines for hire are the best in the industry!

Cutting Edge Technology

We have partnered with leading card machine provider Igenico, to offer customers the most user friendly and secure machines on the market.

Our Machines

We offer three broad solutions to cater for your exact needs: countertop, portable or GSM Mobile Credit Card Terminals

Countertop Chip & Pin Machine

Our countertop Chip & Pin machines are one of the fastest, safest and most advanced card terminals on the market and is our most cost effective payment solution for taking payments over the counter, via phone or by mail.

The sleek and stylish device with robust build quality and small footprint ensure it works well under space constraints, is easy to handle and is suited to most retail environments.

For more information on Countertop Card Machines – click here.

Portable Chip & Pin Machine

The award winning portable machine is the smallest wireless credit card machine in the world, as well as arguably being one of the most elegant. The large backlit display and keys ensure it is user friendly even in poor light, whilst the outstanding battery life and rugged drop & spill resistant shell ensure that it can cope with the most demanding of retail situations.

View more information on our Portable credit card machines, here.

GPRS Mobile Chip & Pin Machine

The sleek and stylish Igenico GPRS is the world’s smallest GPRS fully mobile credit machine available. The fully mobile device enables the merchant to take credit and debit card payments wherever in the UK they operate. The large blue backlit screen and buttons, combined with its small footprint and ergonomic design.

View more info for our GPRS card machines, here.

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